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Reiki at Arya Place

The word “Reiki” literally translates into its meaning. “Rei” (universal) and “ki” (life energy).

This universal life energy exists all around us! When this energy is flowing normally, it keeps us feeling balanced or “in-tune” with ourselves. Unfortunately, illness, injuries, physical and emotional stress, are just a few things that can interrupt this energy flow, and cause a blockage. Katie, our Reiki II Practitioner learned all of this from the Cancer center where her Mom was being treated. Reiki was a part of her mom’s treatment plan for Ovarian Cancer. Seeing the importance of energy-work happening in a Cancer center, of all places, was a powerful experience to say the least. Katie became a Certified Reiki Practitioner, shortly after. Katie’s role as YOUR Practitioner, is to unblock this positive-energy flow so that you can achieve a balanced mind-body-soul connection. Katie simply brings the education and techniques needed to facilitate the Reiki session, all you need is an open-mind and a desire for change. Let’s create a balanced mind-body and life, together!

Read about our Reiki II Practitioner, Katie Norton.


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