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New Year, New You Blah Blah Blah

young woman checking her weight on the scaleHow many times have you heard New Year, New You? Probably close to a million and a half. It’s a great idea in theory. A chance to start fresh and (maybe) get your life back on track. Here’s the thing though: doesn’t that seem like a lot of pressure? We all want to be healthy and happy. But setting yourself up for this idealistic idea of completely changing who you are as a person in the new year is a little extreme.

Everyone is all gung-ho and goes to the gym every single day so they can lose 20 pounds in 2 days. Hate to break it to you, but that’s almost as unhealthy as not exercising at all. Our biggest tip for you is take it slow. If you’re going to the gym constantly and getting really sore you should probably give yourself and your body a little break. Try your best not to go from nothing to constant working out with no breaks. If you overuse your muscles, it can lead to injury. And no one wants that.

So here’s to a happy new year and a happy and healthy new you. Yeah I know, I said it.

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