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Men and Massage (and Facials)

man getting massageIt’s sort of taboo. Men relaxing and pampering themselves. Going to a spa and eating chocolate bonbons while sitting in a silk robe that’s two sizes to small and hoping they won’t flash anyone. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a spa that catered to men and women equally? Hey guess what. There is one. It’s us. Here’s why men should come here and not feel embarrassed:

  1. Our robes aren’t silk. They’re this super soft and plush lining with a terry cloth exterior. We carry them in actual human sizes as opposed to XXXS. We also have men’s slippers. Like specifically men’s.
  2. We offer beer and nuts. That’s right fellas, after your service you can relax with a cold one and chomp on some mixed nuts or pretzels. Now we’re not saying ladies can’t do this too, but we wanted to look out for the guys on this one.
  3. You get a consult. Every new client gets a consult before their first service. You can discuss exactly what you want and don’t want with your service provider. If you don’t want a certain area touched, you let the provider know and they will steer clear of it. Unless you’re getting a facial and you ask them not to touch you face. But if you do that, why are you here in the first place?

We want all men to take care of themselves, regardless of where they choose to get their service. But we just want to make it as easy and as comfortable here for men and women. We know the stereotype and we want to break it. Guys need love too.

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