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Simpsonville Life Coach Services

Life coaching is not counseling! Life coaching is an action-based, results-oriented, talk-therapy process.

We focus on the present and your future, using the past as a place of reference, discovery, and healing.

Simply put, Coaching helps you get “unstuck,” in order to achieve your goals! Katie, our Certified Transformational Life Coach is here to provide you with perspective, to empower you, and to guide you towards the life you’ve always wanted. This process is a designed alliance between the coach and the client (Katie and you), where the relationship continually gives the power back to the client, YOU, as it should! Together, the two of you will determine your strengths, core values, and goals. We will also find out what your limiting-beliefs are, that have keep you “stuck,” in life.

Thinking, self-awareness and improvement are some of the most challenging concepts to work on, yet also the most rewarding work you will ever do in this life. This is Katie’s belief, confirmed by experience. The good news is that we know you already have the answers you are seeking, within you. It is Katie’s role as your coach, to provide the education and techniques, to help you understand them, clarify them, and then – implement them! Katie strives to connect your head to your heart in a way that transforms your dreams into action. It’s time to make a change and try something different. Put yourself first. Let’s build the life you deserve, together!

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