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Gift Cards, Schmift Cards

Woman holding heartIf you’re like me, you think a gift card is sort of a cop-out gift. Like, “Oh I couldn’t think of anything better to get you, so I got you this piece of plastic that you can use at a place.” However, I do believe there is one exception to the rule: Valentine’s Day. Unless you’re planning on proposing to your significant other on Valentine’s Day, (wow so original) you’re probably going to get them chocolates or flowers, right? Tell me I’m wrong.

So yes chocolates and flowers are very nice and very romantic and very Valentine’s Day-ey. But here’s the thing: Chocolates are eaten (depending on the type of person) relatively quickly. And flowers die and are thrown away. Wouldn’t you rather get someone something that lasted a little longer?

I read once that people are happier when they spend money on experiences as opposed to physical things. Do I remember where I read that? No. Was it from a credible source? Who knows. But I believe it. I’m always less hesitant to spend money when I’m doing something with my friends or going somewhere. So why not get your honey an experience that they’ll love and is also romantic?

Stumped for ideas? Well you’re in luck. We sell gift cards! Get your significant other the gift of relaxation for Valentine’s Day. We promise they’ll love it, or your money back. I didn’t actually ask my boss about that so don’t hold me to it, but I’m positive they’ll love it. Maybe you can throw in some chocolates or flowers too. Don’t want to impress them too much.

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