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Couples That Massage Together Stay Together

relaxing massageHere we are, falling victim to full-blown winter weather, and fun date nights or date days are few and far between. The good old stand-by of dinner and a movie is becoming stale and it’s a bit too chilly to go for a romantic walk.

Are you and your significant other looking for a new and exciting date opportunity? We are here to help at The Spa at Arya Place! Not only do we have a beautiful and welcoming facility, but we have knowledgeable staff that can meet and exceed your needs. Some might jump at the idea of a romantic day with their significant other while some may feel anxious or overwhelmed. We have gathered three reasons why a couple’s massage is for you and The Spa at Arya Place is the location to put your worries at ease!

Renewed Intimacy

During a massage session, many chemicals are released and one of those chemicals is oxytocin or the “love hormone.” It has this nickname because it promotes the warm feeling of love and bonding. Professionals agree this chemical is given off better with a gentle touch, like that of a massage. Dopamine is another chemical released during massages and that is triggering the pleasure center of your brain. Along with these two chemicals, serotonin, is also released which triggers a positive mood and stress relief. Along with increased positivity and relaxation, you will both be free of obligations for that period and can focus on the enjoyment of each other’s company. Whether you and your significant other choose a 60-minute session or decide to make an afternoon of it in our top of the line relaxation room, you will be able to make the most of a stress-free moment.

New Experiences, Together

Relationships take work, plain and simple. The honeymoon phase does pass and when that happens it’s exciting to try new things together and create memories from those experiences. Research suggests there is one thing that can renew that spark: trying new things together. It will bring you closer as a couple to be able to experience it together, in the same room, reaping the exact same benefits of relaxation and comfort. There is no way you could walk away from that experience not feeling more connected to each other and satisfied with your bond as a couple.

Creating and Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Couples that strive for a healthy lifestyle should practice regular couple’s massages. Massages are beneficial in helping with fibromyalgia, insomnia, anxiety, headaches, digestive disorders, joint pain, anxiety, and other ailments. If you are practicing healthy eating habits and physical activity together to better yourselves, a massage should be an extra step to truly fulfill your goals and life your best life together. If you find that you are a couple that likes to stay active whether that be cycling, lifting weights, or kayaking muscle pain is bound to be something you try to cope with regularly. Regular massages can increase and improve circulation and reduces muscle tightness.

We strive to exceed expectations in all areas of your experience. Please stop by with your significant other and tour our spa. We cannot wait to schedule your appointment and provide you both with a stress and obligation free experience that both of you will cherish.

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